Ships Log
February14-16, 2006
Brunswick, GA

We left Raven in "the City by the Sea" Brunswick, Georgia and returned to visit with The Folks in the Indiana Dunes for the Holidays. The Brunswick Landing Marina has a fine staff that watches over vacant boats. The only downside is the nearby papermill which spews sulfurous fumes. We seemed to bring the cold weather with us and temperatures ranged from the 20's to 50's for a couple of weeks. Because of the weather, we hung out at Hatties Books and Daddy Cate's coffeeshop where we met Mayor Thompson.

The Old Town section of Brunswick contains many beautiful homes in styles ranging from victorian to plantation to craftsman. Mark Carr, Brunswick's first settler, came with Oglethorpe's regiment in 1738 and was granted a 500 acre plantation. A reminder of southern history, the Confederate States of America Memorial stands at the end of Newcastle Street. Brunswick's oldest excepting building is the Old City Hall built in 1889.

By Valentine's Day, the weather warmed and we went in search of the Lovers Oak. Legend has it that the 900 year old live oak was the meeting spot of Native American couples. On Valentine's Evening, the Marina threw a bash featuring a low country boil of tasty shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage. It was a great farewell party.

On our last night in town, we went to our favorite restaurant, the Cargo Portside Grill, to celebrate Rana's birthday. Mike had found two four-leaf clovers that day and we were feeling lucky. On the way to dinner a big car pulled over and a stylish woman offered us two tickets to see the Temptations, who were appearing at the Ritz for Black History Month. When we got there after dinner, the place was hopping and we stood in the back beside Mayor Thompson. When the Temptations performed My Girl, they brought a few locals on stage to join in. The Mayor brought down the house with his steps and singing.