April through May, 2006

Grand Bahama Island, Grand Cay, Allens Cay, Spanish Cay, Green Turtle Cay

The links on the left will take you to pages chronicling our first cruise to the Bahamas.

West End on Grand Bahama was our Customs and Immigration check in spot and a first taste of the "Islands".

Grand Cay was where we lost our engine, battery power and nearly lost our dingy.

Allens Cay offered shelter from the storm and a great beach picnic.

Spanish Cay is the location of an expensive resort marina and was the site of a Hooters photo shoot.

Green Turtle Cay was the perfect little island we were looking for. White Sound offered great protection and we stayed for a month and biked to New Plymouth to celebrate the Junkanoo Festival.

We sailed back to Cape Canaveral and Titusville, Florida to put Raven on the hard for hurricane season. The barrier islands and locks provided protection from any storm surge.

We returned to our Little Log Cabin in the Dunes to get married. After hurricane season, we plan to varnish the masts again, install a larger anchor and buy the new dingy that our wedding guests so thoughtfully gave us as a wedding present. Then, we will head back through the Bahamas and south into the Caribbean.

Stay tuned for our continuing adventures.










Grand Bahama

Grand, Allens and Spanish Cays

Green Turtle