Ships Log

Late-April, 2006

Green Turtle Cay

The sail from Spanish to Green Turtle was a gorgous beam reach. As we approached the difficult entrance to White Sound, there was a call from Meriah on Channel 68 and Captain Larry, Nicky and Victoria met us in their dingy to pilot us through the narrow and shallow entrance. Larry had sounded the channel and found the perfect route for us.

White Sound was a crowded anchorage, but Larry led us to the last spot and we dropped hook near Meriah. Later, we dingied over to New Plymouth. Victoria immediately made friends with a fiherman cleaning his catch near the dock. We had dinner with the Pecks at Harvey's Island Grill, which became our favorite restaurant on the island.

New Plymouth is a charming town. It is a real community, not merely a tourist destination. The houses are colorful and it is easy to imagine living here. There is much history evident with a monument to the landing of British Loyalists who left America after the revolution.

The next morning, Meriah sailed for Marsh Harbor. The following night, a northern storm front roared through and several boats in the harbor drug anchor. We stayed up and powered ahead, relieving the pressure on our anchor chain and held our ground. We stayed in Green Turtle to explore and await the Heritage Festival on May 5th and 6th.