Ships Log August 13-14, 2005

It was a brisk 43-mile motorsail into the rain and high winds from Meldrum to Gore Bay.

The Bay extends deeply into the north face of Manitoulin Island. The wind and waves calmed once we traveled beyond the Janet Head lighthouse.

The town of Gore Bay is a delightful outpost arranged along the main street. Smoking is banned in the entire town.

The social heart of the town is Shirley's Beauty Shop and Shirley herself.

A mural in center of town depicts Gore Bay of 1890. Two additional highlights are the well-stocked healthfood store and the terrific Rocky Raccoon's restaurant overlooking the harbor.

As we have traveled north, we've noted the gradual change in flora and fauna. Snail Harbor in Upper Michigan held the first pair of bald eagles and otters. Deer can be found everywhere, but nowhere as commonly as in the Indiana Duneland. The percentage of conifers to hardwoods showed a gain, which has continued to increase as we traveled north. Mackinac Island displayed a mix of pine, hemlock, black locust, aspen, maple and red oak. Manitoulin Island still has hardwoods, but conifers are in the majority. The wildflowers throughout have remained most constant with white Queen Ann's Lace, blue Chicory, and yellow Yarrow.

Lighthouse photos through out our site are of ones we passed and relied on for safe navigation.