Ships Log August 5, 2005

We left Snail Harbor at dawn and sailed first on a beam reach, then downwind to Beaver Island. We arrived at 8:00 PM and took an anchorage in the protected bay. The holding was good even in the brisk 15-20 knot winds.

Beaver Island has an interesting history. It was settled in 1846 by a Mormon colony that broke away from Brigham Young. This group was led by James Strang, who proclaimed himself "King" of the island. There was open hostility between the Beaver Island group and it's neighboring communities. In 1856, two of his followers killed King Strang. The Captain of the supply ship, which was on hand at the time, conveyed the killers to the mainland where they were later freed and treated as heroes.

Beaver remains much as it was when we last visited it nearly ten years ago. There is now some condo development and the government marina has been upgraded. But much of the island remains undeveloped.

We picnicked near the lighthouse and attended a guitar, keyboard and banjo concert of locals and cruisers on the beach, which ranged in content from Nirvana and Stones to Beethoven. We met a charming couple Larry and Thea McKiernan who were sailing Santana, a sister ship of Raven.


Lighthouse photos through out our site are of ones we passed and relied on for safe navigation.










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