June 29, 2005
The quick diagnosis of our most recent engine problem was "loss of compression". This was alarming and indicated a catastrophic failure of the engine. Luckily, it turned out that the real problem was galling of the throttle control entry to the fuel injector pump. This resulted in binding of the throttle control and restriction of fuel flow. The pump was removed and repaired at a local shop.

June 30, 2005
The moment has arrived. After a last minute electrical repair, we cast off from Crowley's Yacht Yard at 10:00 AM. After clearing two bridges and the breakwater, we raised the sails and we were sailing for the first time since last September. HOORAY! Our course to Michigan City was due east and downwind. We motorsailed to continue breaking in the newly rebuilt engine.
The international sailing community comes to Lake Michigan each year in July for the Mackinac Race. Years ago, they dubbed it the "Lord of the Flies". Our trip across the Lake was visited by thousands of these biting black flies. Ten miles from our destination, the wind switched to a beam reach and the flies were swept away. We arrived at Washington Park Marina at 4:00 PM and will stay in the harbor for one or two weeks to provision, install our dodger/bimini, and bid farewell to family and friends.

July 16, 2005
We are leaving MC at 6:00 AM and sailing west to Chicago. We plan to sail past the start of the Mac Race and take a slip for a day at our old dock in DuSable Harbor. Tonight, we plan to attend the one year anniversary of Millennium Park with a classical music concert in the new bandshell on the lakefront. The real reason for returning to Chicago for a day is to attend the birthday party of our good friend, which will be in the park. Happy Birthday Deborah!
We had a pleasant stay in the Michigan City Marina. Everything was removed from all the lockers on the boat and a new stowage plan followed. We took on 100 gallons of fresh water and 110 gallons of diesel fuel, in addition to what seems like several years of provisions and all the toys we had stored in our garage. This includes an inflatable double kayak, bicycle trailer, four additional anchors and five additional sails. Three of the sails are from our previous boat and can serve as a backup mizzen, a mizzen blooper (spinnaker) and a storm sail. Two others are a back up foresail and a big new asymmetrical spinnaker. It was a challenge to get everything aboard, but a rearrangement of the forepeak with new shelves and the cavernous under cockpit storage accommodated everything. Raven now floats evenly on her new waterline which we had moved up a few inches this winter. The new dodger, bimini and connecting canvas were installed at the last minute.
It was wonderful to spend a couple of weeks in MC - it gave us the opportunity to visit at length with Mike's Mom, Pop and Brother Tom before our voyage. Our next stop will be Milwaukee and then on to Door County Wisconsin to attend the Peninsula Player's performing their classic "Lumberjacks in Love".